Sunday, April 26, 2009

some of my projects/experiements

as a quick introduction to what i am exactly doing i will show off some of my projects here now.

PiKSEL is a virtual pixelated canvas that allows the whole world to paint together on it at the same time.

JAX is a completely xml driven ajax/js/css framework in development

Wells is a webbased conversational A.I. in development. It uses neural nets, pattern recognition along with other techniques. Once it is done i plan to attend the Loebner Prize with it.

3DGD is a 3d renderer entirely written in php ( it takes advantage of the libgd extension )

ReSSr is a upcoming web service that is all about RSS.

i will add more of my projects to the list later on, because there definately is more.

phpboxxx blog is up!

I just created a blog because I figured it would be good to have one that goes along with my website and I hope this will be great :)